Module 5 – Customer’s experience rooms (week 2)

In your blog post for week 2 reflect upon one or two videos presented above and reflect on how the presented concepts relate to your organisation.

Working at a swedish publisher with several different brands connected to a magazine or a website I first found it hard to reflect on the concepts presented in the videos related to my organisation. But after watching the video “Physical Evidence and the Servicespace”, Brian Wilson, I realise that our company both has several elements of physical evidence for the servicescape and for other tangibles. For example the facility where the customer can buy our lifestyle magazines are of course very important for the customer experience. Here are the interior design, signage etc. important elements. Also the placement of the magazine and the concurrents placements are important for the experience. The other tangibles are mainly our websites connected to each brand where we provide content for our customers on a daily basis and where we interact with our customers by comments, blogs etc. We also interact with our customers using social media channels which is like a virtual servicescape where we talk to our customers every day.



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